"Nothing is worth more than laughter. It is strength to laugh and to abandon oneself, to be light" - Frida Kahlo

A gift for an owl lover 

A big fat book of pattern

Some peekaboo books

Cat & Cacti. My idea of utopia.
Also, my first go at etching was good fun

A little something I am involved with at the moment:


Artists Open Houses (AOH) always welcomes young artists to take part in the festival. As part of our aim to encourage more students and young artists to get involved, Marigold Ashwell is working with AOH to develop a Young Artists Project this May. Five young artists are taking part in this…

Made a little mountain to go on my finger

On a post- meanwhileshow comedown so made a book about how great it was

A few snaps from last night. Such a fab night for 2nd Year Brighton Graphics & Illustration; crazy turn out, great people and good vibes all round. 

Work up last night for the meanwhile show in Hoxton Gallery, London.
A story about how the Sun and Moon came to be

I made some plates to put things on

Check out this fabdab, talented bunch